Unvaccinated Victorians Excluded From Non-Essential Services


Now that the COVID vaccine has been introduced, we now expect some level of normalcy in our day to day lives. For example, real money gamers can now go to land casinos and get back to their normal casino gaming. But, there seems to be a lot of scepticism surrounding the vaccine, and not everyone seems to be willing to get the jab.

Therefore, stricter measures have been put in place to try and encourage everyone to get vaccinated.

Unvaccinated Victorians Excluded From Non-Essential Services

As soon as Victoria reaches the 90% vaccine landmark, unvaccinated residents will be limited from non-essential services.  This was highlighted by the COVID-19 Commander, Jeroen Weimar, after there seemed to be confusion surrounding the vaccine issue. In the meantime, the unvaccinated residents can still get access to retail non-essential services. According to Weimar, the state is expected to reach the 90% milestone on the 24th of November.

Unvaccinated residents seem to be operating on a grace period at the moment. “We are sending out a very clear signal that says if you are going to be active in these kinds of retail environments post-90 per cent, you will need to get vaccinated,” said the Commander.

He furthermore stated that the 24 November due date gives residents enough time to get fully vaccinated on time. “That gives everybody, the few hundred thousand people we have left who are eligible and not yet vaccinated – you can start that journey today and you will be fully vaccinated in time for the 24th of November,” highlighted Weimer.

Current Victorian Vaccine Data


The state of Victoria seems to be right on schedule for their vaccination program. So far, only 23.1% of the residents are still yet to get fully vaccinated.

As the above chart shows, 91, 07% (4.9 Million) of the people in Victoria have currently received their first dose which significantly constitutes the current 87.36% (18 Million) national landmark.  Of those 74.80% people, Victoria has added in 4.2 million residents.

New COVID Cases Still Recorded in Victoria

Despite the state being on schedule with their vaccination program, the state still has 1534 new COVID cases. And, they have recently recorded 13 deaths. 748 Victorians have been hospitalized with the virus; 138 are in the ICU while 87 are using a ventilator. And, according to Weimer, even thot this is better than the previously recorded cases, there is still a need to ensure that everyone gets vaccinated.


With the vaccine program going as planned, Victoria’s casino gamers can now look forward to getting their normal casino gaming from now on. And, even though banning the unvaccinated residents from non-essential services may seem like a coercive measure, it is a good way they can get to curb the spread of the Virus.

COVID Vaccine FAQs

How many People Have Been Vaccinated in Australia?
Currently, about 15.4 million Australian citizens have been fully vaccinated while 3.6 million are still yet to receive their second jab.
Can I Travel Without the Vaccine?
This will depend on your destination. Others will require you to have your vaccination certificate while other need a negative COVID test.
Is vaccination free?
Yes, it is. Unless you go to a private hospital, you will not be charged for vaccination.