The Most Livable Cities in Australia

The Most Livable Cities in Australia
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The Most Livable Cities in AustraliaDo you want to live in a place where you can go fishing or sailing? Or perhaps someplace where you can relax after long hours at work? Australia has many beautiful places, from cities to beaches, mountains and more.

There are also many opportunities for outdoor activities that are suitable for everyone. And that’s why it makes sense to take a look at the top most livable cities around the country.

Livable Cities Ranked

So which city are your best bet for living in Australia? We’ve got the low down on these top 10 destinations:

  1. Melbourne

    If you like nature then this is the right spot for you. You should definitely check out St Kilda Beach, Docklands and Phillip Island. The most popular areas are located in the south east corner of Victoria. You can find plenty of cafes and restaurants so you don’t need to worry about finding food while you’re here.

  2. Gold Coast

    Have you ever watched TV shows such as ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ or ‘Portlandia’? If so, then you know how funny Portlandia is! Well, they filmed all their scenes in Portland, Oregon which gives us an idea of what life must be like in America. Don’t expect to see any Hollywood stars though — the only people who work in Hollywood are those working behind the scenes.

  3. Sydney

    If you enjoy going shopping, then this is the perfect destination for you. This city offers everything from fashion stores to specialty shops and street markets. It’s also home to some great parks including; Centennial Park, Kirribilli House and Royal Botanic Garden. It is also home to a number of renowned online casino developer firms if that interests you.

  4. Canberra

    This gorgeous hillside capital city is a wonderful place that offers much more than just pretty views. The first settlers found themselves quite isolated but when they saw the parliament buildings they had no idea it was once called ‘Wongi-ngam’ by its indigenous inhabitants. Today, there are lots of tourist sites worth visiting and they’re easy to get to.

  5. Adelaide

    South Australia is full of beauty, history and culture. The state capital may not have as many things to do as other Australian cities like Sydney or Melbourne but that doesn’t mean it’s without charm.


Australia is one of the most spectacular nations that you can visit with incredible sights of natural wonders and cultural experiences. Living in Australia means being in a peaceful environment with friendly locals and experiencing the unique lifestyle. The cost of living in each area varies, however, we’ve made sure to provide our visitors with a list of some of the best places to live in Australia so they can easily choose the location that suits them best.

FAQs about Livable Cities

How old does someone have to be to move to Australia?
You can arrive in Australia with no restrictions if you’re under 18. Anyone aged 18 through to 25 needs to obtain a visa before arriving in the country. To apply for one of these visas, you’ll need to provide proof of financial security such as a bank statement showing sufficient funds in your account.
What are the benefits of moving to Australia?
Once you start thinking about living abroad, it’s time to ask yourself what the benefits are. One big benefit is that it’s safe. Crime rates are low throughout the entire country. Another huge advantage is that you’ll receive free healthcare. Because health insurance is mandatory, residents won’t have to pay anything for treatment or emergencies unless they want to claim compensation at a later date.
Where would I fit in best in Australia?
Australians tend to classify themselves into two groups: metropolitan areas and regional areas. In general, most people choose to live in large cities because these offer more opportunities for employment. However, you might find better career prospects in rural areas too.