The Latest Australian Covid Updates

The Latest Australian Covid Updates
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The Latest Australian Covid UpdatesCOVID has been there for a while. At some point, it went as far as upsetting the land casino gaming environment. However, people always found their way as they resorted to playing pokies online.

Now, just like flue, the world has started to learn how to adapt to this deadly virus. But, in case you are a little behind, here are some of the Australian Covid Updates so far.

New South Wales COVID Updates

In the most recent reporting period, one person died in New South Wales, and 1,005 people were hospitalized with the virus. But, 47 of them are in intensive care units. Generally, there have been an additional 8,911 new cases reported.


One more person has died as a result of the virus, while 198 individuals are in hospitals, 25 of them are in intensive care units. There were 5,499 new cases, with a total of 40,393 active cases throughout the state.


In the 24 hours leading up to 8 p.m. yesterday, the ACT recorded 599 new COVID-19 cases. In Canberra, there are 38 people in hospital with the virus, including three in intensive care. Additionally, 79% of Canberra’s children aged five to eleven years have got vaccine dosages. On the other hand, 70.1 per cent of Canberrans aged 16 and older have did receive a booster shot.


The state reported no new COVID-19 deaths, although 923 new instances of the virus were documented. The virus has infected 13 patients in hospitals. Nine of them are being treated particularly for COVID symptoms, and three are in the intensive care unit. There are now 6,674 active cases in the state.

Queensland COVID Updates

With COVID-19, the state has documented two more deaths. The virus has infected 233 people in hospitals, 19 of whom are in intensive care units. There were 3,797 new cases reported, with a total of 27,674 active cases across the state.

Western Australia (WA)

Today, nearly 4,000 new COVID cases have been reported in the Western world, with 109 people hospitalized. One person necessitates intensive care. The state’s triple-dose immunization rate is presently slightly more than 70%.

Southern Australia

SA has recorded 2,099 new COVID cases, bringing the total number of active cases in the state to 17,041. There are 113 patients in the hospital. Ten people are in intensive care, and one is on a ventilator. According to SA Health, 42 of the patients hospitalized with COVID are not properly vaccinated.

The territory of the North

The NT has registered 198 new COVID cases, the majority of which were discovered by quick antigen testing. However, two people are being treated for the virus in the intensive care unit, and there are a sum of 26 hospital patients. There were 124 new cases in the Top End region, 22 in Central Australia, five in East Arnhem, 16 in the Big Rivers region, and 31 are under investigation.


Even though the COVID cases seem to be piling up, it is not as bad as it was at the onset. The world is adapting to this deadly virus. Hence, the death cases are a bit on the low.


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