The Star Taking Its High Roller Gaming to Greater Heights

Sovereign high roller casinocasino
High Roller gaming amd good parking space
The Sovereign Room high roller gaming parking lot.

The Star casino is where all the real money gaming is in 2021.  If you are still to get the royal treatment at any casino in Australia, then maybe you should try high roller gaming at the Star group this time around.

The Star casino has been introducing a lot of new things in its name for the last 2 years. And, it looks like everything seems to keep on getting better for the biggest casino franchise in Australia right now.

But, for now, here is all you need to know about the casino’s new project, the ‘Sovereign Room’. Including all the luxurious and exclusive gaming conditions that you will be getting when you decide to gamble at the new casino.

The High Roller Gaming Space

Do not let the word room fool you, there is so much more happening in this NRL equivalent room covering a space of about 5000 square meters. Meaning, you will be getting more gaming space than you will get at any regular casino.

The gaming floor alone is worth over 250 million dollars and will come with multiple gaming rooms and complimentary dining areas. The Sovereign room also comes with a view of the harbour, some of the best art in the world and other elegant room décor befitting the high-roller gaming status.

For example, the structure was built with 245 tonnes of marble. And, there are over 80 art materials that you can get to adore while waiting for your real money gaming.

There Is More To Look Forward To From the Sovereign Room

Additionally, you will be getting fresh lobster of about 400kg with a complimentary 2000 abalone every month for seafood lovers. There is a lot of exotic meals that will be served in this world-class hotel

For those Zheng Lu lovers,   you will be getting 500 000 pieces in a stainless steel artefact waiting for you in the lobby. And according to the Star officials themselves, the gambling haven was made to deliver and set world-class services for the high roller players

How to Get Into the Sovereign Room

Having access to this casino gaming floor means that you will have to be a Platinum or Diamond player at the Star. Therefore, if you have been spending less then maybe it’s time you invest more for you to get more. But, that is only if you can afford it!

Also, the minimum bet for this high roller gaming floor is set at$300 for all the table games. But, of course, you can get to spend more if you want to.  Everything will have to depend on how much your bankroll budget is set at.

What is Happening at the Star Group

Apart from the joint force venture with Flutter casinos earlier on, there is so much growth that is going on for the Star Group. And, it is slowly going to monopolize the whole gambling process in Australia in no time.

Another development is that the group now has a monopoly over all the poker machines in Australia for the next 21 years. Therefore, any casino wanting to operate its poker machines will have to get into a deal with the gambling guru.

There is so much going on for the Star Group besides the high roller floor. Hopefully, the crown resorts will be able to keep up, otherwise, they are going to be bought out in no time.


Being a high roller player comes with so many perks. And, the new VIP gambling floor for the Star group, which is set to open on Friday 3 July, will show you how good it can be. But, online casinos will also come with their own perks and fun offers that you can pick from.

High Roller Gaming FAQs

What are high roller casinos?
High roller casinos are VIP casinos. Meaning, you will have to spend a large amount of money. In turn, you get exclusive mega real money deals.
Which is the biggest land casino in Australia?
Currently, the Star Group is dominating the casino market, followed by Crown Resorts.
What is the difference between high roller casinos and normal online casinos?
The main differences are that you spend more to get even much bigger and better real money deals. In the case of the Star Group, you will be getting the royal treatment at its best. You might not want to go back home.
Why should I play at high roller casinos?
Playing at these casinos would guarantee you of much bigger real money deals. Additionally, online casino gaming will be fun and more exciting.
What Should I wear at Star Casinos?
Usually, land casinos will just require you to Smart casual. Meaning, you are not supposed to be wearing anything that will be considered too fancy or out of the ordinary.