Scott Morrison Faces Criticism for Prioritizing Ukrainian Visas

Scott Morrison Faces Criticism for Prioritizing Ukraine Visas
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Scott Morrison Faces Criticism for Prioritizing Ukrainian Visas
Australian Christian Lobby

Australian President, Scott Morrison, is facing criticism after instructing Alex Hawke to prioritize Ukrainian Visas. This is amidst the current Ukraine and Russia dispute that may disastrously lead to world war 3.

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Update on the Russia and Ukraine Crisis

Dozens are have lost their lives after the invasion of Kherson, and southern Ukrainian cities.  Also, over 800 000 civilians are fleeing to safer places. Additionally, a lot of shelling and bombing is currently taking place in the country’s second-largest city, Kharkiv. There are fears that this may be a prolonged attack. Therefore, Ukrainians are living in constant fear and are fleeing to the safest places they can be.

The mayor says that armed Russians invaded the city hall building while he was there. This is dangerous because there could be more military men than civilians inside. Maybe some of them are criminals who came for loot. And, according to his informants, they will be setting up an administration office for their operation.

Australian Investors Cutting Ties with Russia

Goals have been put all over the world to isolate Moscow. So, the Australian miners and superannuation funds are severing their ties with Russia right now. Russian businessman Maxim Mayorets is agreeing to step down from the Falcon Oil and Gas board. However, Rio Tinto is still part of the Queensland Alumina Limited refineries.

Their spokesperson has highlighted that they are still monitoring the invasion and what could possibly be the outcome on Russia.

“We are closely monitoring the situation in Ukraine and related sanctions. We are confident that we have appropriate structures in place to ensure QAL’s operations will not be disrupted,” highlighted the spokesperson.

Scott Morrison Prioritizing Ukrainian Visas

Even though there is an ongoing unsettlement in Ukraine, Afghanistan has been facing constant unrest from the Taliban as well. According to the Australian Christian Lobby, that is a misplacement of priorities.

The administration is currently debating how best to assist refugees leaving Ukraine in the aftermath of Russia’s invasion, indicating that it is considering a variety of visa categories. Another option is to follow Australia’s lead and implement a temporary visa program for those fleeing Kosovo. On Tuesday, Scott Morrison stated that assuming Ukrainians do not want to return home after the war is incorrect.


What do you think is going to be the possible outcome of Ukraine and Russia conflict?  A lot of countries around the world have dropped trade and investments with Russia. Therefore, the countries may eventually have to let go of this war. After, reading this article make sure you sign up for online casino gaming and get massive wins today!


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