The Best Real Money Online Slots Guide for 2022

Online slots are one of the best casino innovations online. To prove that, there are over 1000 online slot machines that you can try out. At least you will get a rough idea of what we are talking about. The best part is that slots online keep evolving. Hence, there are even better real money gaming to look forward to as time goes by.

Additionally, they come with different themes for you to pick from.  Also, the themes range from vampire slots, sports slots, movie epics lots, and famous cartoon slots. The list is endless and is guaranteed of getting even better and bigger surprises as you go on.

Real Money Casinos
Real Money Slots

History of Slot Machines

The first slot machine was a five-reel one with a card theme. Also, the machine was created by Pittman and Sitt in New York City back in the 1800s.

After that, the themes started to evolve into different symbols. All thanks to Charles Augustus Fey from San Francisco. However, the slot machines he made were 3-reel slots.

Online Slot History

After Fey’s invention, the slots started evolving from the machine to the videos on the screens in the 1970s. But, they were not really quite popular back in the day.

After that, they moved to the Web. The beginning of online pokies has made quite a chance in slot machine history. At least they are now getting the respect and the appreciation that they deserve.

Mobile Online Pokies

Over 67% of mobile casino gamers play online slots on their phones. Mobile slots are quickly becoming quite popular with online gamblers since their beginning in 2010.

One of the reasons why is that you can get access to your slots games anywhere at any time. Therefore, you do not really have to worry about being left out in progressive slot game tournaments.

Also, most online casinos are now seeing the value of online mobile gaming. Therefore, they are now providing quite competitive mobile apps for their players with these mobile devices.

  1. Android
  2. iPhone
  3. iPad
  4. Some provide for Blackberry users as well.

How to Choose the Best Real Money Online Slots Casinos

Sometimes getting the best online casino for any casino game is quite hard. This is because a lot of online casinos are now surfacing into the picture.

Therefore, competition has become quite stiff. Meaning, online casino are now coming up with different ways to get and stay on top of online casino gaming.

But, choosing an online slots casino is quite vital. This is because they are the fun and exciting part of online casino gaming. Additionally, these are where most of the big real money deals are at.

Here are some important pointers you should take note of before choosing the best online pokies casino.

  1. Online Slots Real Money Deals

    These are mainly the casino reward that you will get from casinos. Also, they are important because the free spins and other deals you will get can give you that extra boost you might need for that real money win.

  2. Casino Payouts

    You will need to make sure that the casino you choose online is honest and effective. But, you can only see that by the amount of time they take to give winners their money.

    You can easily find this information on any casino review or at least trust Pokies hype for the best guide. We will definitely light up your casino path in the right direction.

  3. Online SlotsGaming Providers

    As we always say the best gaming providers will give you the best online pokies gaming. Mainly, this is because you are guaranteed good quality gaming. Not forgetting even better and exciting themes. Top gaming providers include Playtech, Net Entertainment, Microgaming, BetSoft and so many more.

  4. Gaming Variety

    You would not want to be having limited online slots gaming.  This is because there are over 1000 choices for you to pick from. Hence, we want you to have as much fun as possible. Therefore, make sure you choose a casino with a lot of slot gaming choices for you to pick from. Maximize and have as much fun as possible.

Kate Chopin

Do not ignore your bonus offers. Instead use your Bonus Deals to maximize your chances of bagging that real money.”

Kate Chopin

How to Play Slots Online

Playing online slots is not only about pressing the spin button. Therefore here are some tips that you will need for that real money win.

  1. Operate on a Clear Mind

    You would not want to play any online casino game with an intoxicated mind. This will only lead you into making decisions that can harm you. Therefore, it is ok to sip on your favorite wine while playing. But as soon as things start looking blurry then maybe you should switch that laptop or phone off.

    Additionally, a clear mind also means that you do not need to make rushed decisions. That way you will not have to place unnecessary uninformed decisions.

  2. Do Not Look at Losses

    Looking back can actually slow your progress. As long as your bankroll still permits, keep spinning.  Because you might decide to give up right before that real money win. So, take the losses as lessons and move on with a smarter mindset.

  3. Do Research on Online Slots

    When it comes to online slots, research will help you know the games that will give you a better chance at winning that real money.

    For instance, the Return to Player Percentage (RTP) varies according to the game that you choose.  Hence, you will find that the game that you would have chosen has a 98% RTP while another has 87%.


The online slot games category is the most diverse category to pick from. Therefore, you can take your time while you get to enjoy each and every one of them. You can do this until you are able to find that top five list to pick from.

Online Slots FAQs

How long will it take me to get my payouts?
That depends on the online casino you will be signed up with. However, most online casinos have a mandatory 24 hours waiting period before they start processing anything. Additionally, the process normally takes a few days.
Are they free online casino slot games?
Yes there are free online casino games. However, the games are usually for trial purposes. Hence, they are not real money games. Meaning, you cannot collect your winnings.
Which Casino Games Have the Highest RTP Percentage?
When it comes to online slots, the RTPs are very different according to the games, reels, and pay lines. Also, table games now have a lot of variants that can have bad or good RTPs. Hence, it is all about making sure you research particular games that you will be interested in before you bet on it.
What do I benefit from playing free online casino games?
The downside is that you cannot win real money. Hence, you can only use them to practice or while up time once your bankroll runs out.
What are the advantages that come with gambling online?
There are a lot of advantages that come with online casinos. The main ones include more convenience. Meaning you can get to set the pace of the game and where and when you want to play. Also, online casino games come with more bonuses and better payouts.