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Public Health Officials Sue Star Casino for Misconduct

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Star Casino

Australian authorities have proven that public health is vital by fining the Stars Group. This is after one of their casinos was found wanting in implementing the COVID 19 casino gaming rules and regulations earlier this month.

The cases for the deadly virus have been on the rise recently after the lockdown restrictions were loosened a little. But, it looks like the casinos are failing to control their real money patrons as they are not enforcing the lockdown rules.

Liquor and Health NSW Inspecting Different Entertainment Centres

There has been an alarming rise in the COVID 19 cases in Australia right now. And, this has led to the different Public Health sectors trying to find ways that they can curb the virus from spreading any further.

However, some states like Melbourne are going back to shutting down non-essential services including casinos. Other than that, there are a lot more shutdown measures that are being put in place to make sure that the situation does not go out of hand.

Also, companies will be facing over AUS$50 000 in fines if they do not adhere to the social distancing rules. Additionally, they will have to pay a further AU27 000 is they keep on repeating the same offence.

Star Casino Found Wanting at Protecting Public Health Issues

After inspecting the gaming arena, Liquor and health NSW found that Star Casino was allowing the patrons to mix and mingle at the bar. And, this was being done without following the social distancing rules.

Therefore they had to pay an AU$5000 fine for putting players and patrons at risk of contracting the virus therefore not protecting the public health interests. Also, this is not the first time that the company has been found wanting.

Dimitri Argeres

The fine follows a third inspection on the weekend where we witnessed further breaches of the COVID-19 Safety Plan, with patrons standing while consuming and mingling between groups

Dimitri Argeres
Acting Director of Compliance

Additionally, the organisation said that it is making the businesses pay fines to show how serious they are in protecting public health. And, making the Star Casino pay will surely serve as the best warning to the different business.

Crossroads Hotel Also After Investigation

The rules are going to be tightened a little after there was an increase in the local transmissions. And on of the cases was reportedly seen playing at the Star Casino. But, they were also reported to have visited the Cross Roads Hotel.

But, they later the NSW police sad that they are going to be investigating the hotel for not following the rules and regulations of operating in the interest of public

Tony Cooke

The time for warnings has passed, complacency is the ally of the virus. We need to take this seriously

Tony Cooke
acting NSW Police commissioner


COVID 19 is not fully gone, it is now something that the world has to leave with. Meaning, the measures that are being put in place are good and valid in protecting public health. Therefore, businesses should start following the rules and measure put in place to protect public health.

Casino Public Health FAQs

A lot of casinos are operating under social distancing regulations. And, these include checking temperature, heavy sanitization, using the regulated distancing meters, and so many more.
Usually, land casinos will just require you to Smart casual. Meaning, you are not supposed to be wearing anything that will be considered too fancy or out of the ordinary.
No, they are not. There are a lot of risk factors involving land casinos which is why we urge you to rely on online casinos for real money gaming.
Yes, they do. This is because there is a lot of contact and sharing of objects when it comes to land casino gaming. Which is why you would rather play online pokies.
The start group offers a lot of services, but the main focus is a casino gaming and sports betting.

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