Australian Man Wins Powerball Lottery AUS$80 Million Jackpot

Australian Powerball Lottery
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Australian Powerball Lottery
Powerball Lottery 80 Million dollar winner

It is not always when a person makes a single entry at the Powerball lottery and wins a massive $80 million Australian dollar deal.  A man from Port Macquarie got to tell the story on March 26 this year.

If your online casino has a lottery option, then maybe you should try it. At least that it what the winner, who insists on staying anonymous, did. If there are no lottery services available, then maybe you can try some casino games or progressive slot games to win real money.

Port Macquarie Man Wins Powerball Lottery

Powerball Lottery
Australian man wins AUS$ 80 million Powerball lottery Jackpot

Although he chooses to remain anonymous, the man has gotten the name, Australia’s newest millionaire. The man is a retiree; hence, he is really happy about adding more money to his retiree funds.

This is the best news I’ve ever received! You’ve got to be kidding me? I think I feel some tears coming on. With so much going on in the world right now, I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed! This is huge for my family. We’ve been through a rough trot. This is just going to make my family’s life so much easier,” said the retiree.

Also, it seems like a lot of people actually had something to celebrate about from Powerball lottery. Although the money came in divisions 2 to 9, 1 million Powerball lottery players won$ 33, 9 million. In addition, 5 division 2 players won $ 188 000.

Meanwhile, American Sales Plummet

Due to the COVID 19 pandemic, Powerball lottery sales in the US are rapidly falling. This has actually forced the lottery company to slash down the jackpot.

Recently, the company cut its jackpot from$40 million by half to $ 20 million. Additionally, they went on to  slash their rollover to $2 million from the initial $ 10 million.

However, despite  its losses, the company is still donating 35% of their  proceeds to good causes. We are guessing this could be for the COVID 19 victims.


Other people’s losses are actually, wins for some people. But, who knows, you might actually be the lucky one this time. So go ahead and try it out. Play online casino games, trying playing the lottery or even sports betting. If you can, increase your options and just try them all.

Powerball Lottery FAQs

How many Powerball numbers make a win?
Winning with Powerball can start from as low as two numbers. However, for you to win the jackpot, you will need 7 numbers.
Who is the most recent Powerball Jackpot Winner?
A man from Port Macquarie, who remains to stay anonymous, won the lottery of AUS$ 80 million on March 26.
Who is the biggest Powerball lottery Winner?
The biggest winner this year is a mum from Sydney who won AUS$107 million on January 29.
Can I win anything with fall numbers?
Yes, you can! But this depends on the terms that will be prevalent at that time.
Do foreigners qualify to win the lottery in Australia?
Of course they can. Currently, there is no particular restriction on whether foreigner should win the lottery or not. Hence, they automatically qualify.