Potential of Economic Boost  to Be Measured Through Land Casinos

economic boost
economic boost

Land casinos are one of the major business entities that suffered losses from the COVID 19 shutdown. And, now that they are reopening, they are now being used to measure the economic boost in most states.

After the lockdown, land-based casinos lost up to 30 million dollars a week, and some would even lose more than that in a space of days. But, the economy of most countries at large lost even more than that.

On the other hand, online pokies have been recording their highest revenues since. Mainly, this is because most players are now relying on online casinos for their real money gaming.

With both entities losing a lot of millions, it is understandable that the world is now using the success of land casinos to analyse the economic boost.

Relationship between Casinos and Economy Boost

You might be wondering what relationship the land casino industry has with the economic boost. This is because casinos are the largest taxpayers in any economy.

Therefore, since they will be making millions, it means that the government will also end up getting a huge payout in taxes. For example, if a casino is making up to 100 million and the government is charging a 10% tax, they will be getting 10 million dollars from one casino alone.

Therefore, the boost at a land casino means a huge economic boost for most gambling states. Meaning, most states that are having an economy meltdown are sitting on the edges of their seats in light of the recent casino reopening phase.

Land Casinos Celebrating Success

It looks like it is going to be a happy ending for the economy. In America, most opened casinos are recording impressive sales. Meaning, there is hope for most casinos and economies worldwide.

For example, the Silver Slipper Casino got a 12.3 % increase in its gaming revenue. And, it looks like most casinos recorded their regular million sales in a space of 4 days. Overall, most casinos were ranging from 30 to 40 million dollars.

However, not all casinos are recording successes, some are still struggling to climb up the revenue hill. Generally, the losses between most casinos are between 30 -40 %.


It is going to be taking more than land casino opening for the best economy boost in most states. Meaning, the COVID 19 damages are going to be hard to overcome for most casinos worldwide. But, even though, there is still hope for most countries. And, of course, we are all hoping for the best outcomes.

Economic Boost FAQs

When will land casinos re-open in Australia?
Phase 3 of the Australia lockdown is set to take place on the 6th of June. And, this is when most non-essentials will be re-open.
How much do land casinos make per year?
This will depend on a particular casino. But, before the COVID-19 lockdown, most land casino resorts would make more than AUD500 million per year.
What is the importance of land casinos on the economy?
Land casinos record the highest revenues per year. Meaning, they are among the highest taxpayers. Hence, they can help give the economy the boost that it needs to stay afloat.
Is it legal to gamble in Australia?
Yes, it is legal to gamble in Australia. However, online casinos are prohibited to operate in Australia. But, Kiwi players can still access online casino gaming from foreign providers.
What is the legal gambling age in Australia?
The legal gambling age in Australia is 18 Years. Meaning, you will have to be 18 and above for you to have access to your casino gaming.