Online Sportsbooks Finding Creative Ways to Stay in the Game

Online Sportsbooks
online sportsbooks
Online Sportsbooks

It has surely been a tough 1st quarter of the year for online sportsbooks. The COVID 19 outbreak has surely made a huge blow on their performance in the market.

Over 90% of the major sports leagues have now been shutdown. For instance, the NBA was the first one to call it quits after 7 of their players tested positive for the life threatening virus.

Many online pokies players have now made the switch to casino games instead. After all, it is all about making that real money. So go ahead, sign up and start winning now!

But, as they say, it is not really over until you say it. The sportsbooks are surely not backing down. Currently, they are starting to compromise and finding creative ways to face their challenges.

Online Sportsbooks Shocking Major Switch

“With most sporting events canceled/postponed for an indefinite period of time because of the corona-virus, the site is now offering gamblers the ability to bet on the weather, for real,” Bovada Communications Director, Ross Stevens.

Yes, you heard him right; they have turned to weather forecasting! You will probably find online sportsbooks talking about the the weather will be like in Sydney on the 8th of April.

The bet lines usually ranger from under 81 degrees/-180 F to over 81 degrees/+140 F. The betting lines still range from the usual sums. If you were used tom paying between $10 to 200, then you will probably find everything still the same.

The Prop Bests Are Even Crazier

We must give it to the online sportsbooks for trying to stay in the game. The current shutdown has probably taken its toll on most industries in the business market.

For prop bets, sports bettors are now using the lottery. You can win 1000 for just getting the correct golden ball number out of the 25 choices. Or better still win from 2000 to 4000 by just being able to predict whether or not someone will win.


Online sportsbooks have definitely found a way of keeping things interesting. And with the way people are bored in quarantine, they definitely fall for it. All we can say is just find a way to get that real money online!

Online Sportsbooks FAQs

Can I make real money from online sportsbooks?
Yes , you definitely can. All you need to do is make sure you do your research on the sportsbooks and the sports you want to bet on.
How do I get the best online sportsbooks?
Finding the best sportsbook online can be challenging. But there are so many casino guides that can actually help including
What type of sports can I bet on?
There are a lot of sports to pick from when it comes to online sports betting. You can pick from these top sports Horse racing Tennis Soccer, Basketball, American football Baseball Boxing Rugby Athletics The list is endless.
How many sportsbooks can I bet on?
When it comes to online betting, the only thing that will limit you is you bankroll. But, there is freedom to pick as many sportsbooks as you want.
How much money should I invest for a maximum win?
Generally when it comes to any betting from online casino to sports betting, the more you bet. However make sure you practice responsible gambling while at it.

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