Online Craps: The 2022 Real Money Guide

Online Craps can somehow be seen as a game emanating from the streets. While poker is linked to the more classic and elite social groups, the game of craps can be found mainly in the streets. For instance, most rap songs have singers playing craps in the streets. Hence, craps have easily risen to popularity.

However, do not let the popularity fool you. Craps are actually one of the most complicated casino games there is. Also, the game has over 20 bets that you can pick from. This is not a simple walk in the park. It means a lot of skill technique is needed for you to actually be an online craps guru.

If you want to play the game, there is no need for you to worry. We are here to give you all the guidance that you could ever need. Be sure to count on Pokies Hype for the best real money tips that you may ever need.

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Online Craps Guide

Online Craps History

Before we played craps online, the game was known as Hazards. According to gaming history, the game originates in Northern America from then expert gambler, Bernard Xavier Philippe de Mandeville. Back then, the game was also as popular in the streets as it still is now.

Also, soldiers started playing this fun game in the world war. The best thing about the game is that it can be played everywhere and anywhere. Meaning, you do not really need a shooter rolling set up for you to be able to have fun.


Craps in History
Online craps in history

However, online craps are now a bit modified. But, that does not mean the fun is any less than playing table games at land-based casinos. Therefore, sign up with the best online casinos in Australia. Be sure to get that real money flowing out of your pockets in no time.

Online Craps Trainer: How to Play

There is a need for you to know more about the game that you would have decided to bet your real money bet on. This is because the game is a lot more unique in comparison to the other casino games.

Craps are all about thorough research, you will need to know what the game is all about. In turn, you can then come up with an effective game plan that will have you winning real money in no time.

How to play online Craps
How to play Craps

There is not much difference between the online version and the traditional land casino craps table. You might not be able to roll your own dice. But there are plenty of additions that will make the whole gaming experience even more fun.

Real Money Craps Betting

For this game, you will have the betting limits for each table written for you. Therefore, before you get to press the roll button, you will have to place your odds bets first. Usually, you will have to choose between the “Pass Line” and the “Don’t Pass Bet.”

  1. The Pass Line In this case, a 7 or 11 on the first roll is a win for the player. Losing is when you roll between a 2, 3, or 12. But, another point number beside the selected numbers will be “The Point.” If this number comes up, then it’s a win.
  2. Don’t Pass Line This is more like a direct opposite of the pass line bets. A 2 or a13 on the first roll is actually a win for the player. On the other hand, while a 7 is a loss, an 11 or 12 is a non-action. If a seven appears before the set “Point”, the players will win with odds of 1 is to 1.

Single Roll Bets

These are usually placed after the first roll/come out bet and “The Point” is established. But, they are placed when every number is rolled after that.

Field Bet 3, 4, 9, 10. 11
1 is to 1
2 is to 1
Single Number Bets Snake Eyes(2)
Yo 11)
Horn Bets (2,3,11,12)
30 is to 1
15 is to 1
30 is to1
7 is to1
4 is to 1
Multi-Roll Bets 4& 10
5& 9
6 &8
9 is to 1
7 is to 5
6 is to 5

Pass line bets have better winning odds have e better winning odds than don’t pass line bets. Don’t pass line bets can go as high as over 16%, while pass line bets have a house advantage of 1.04% while.

How To Play Craps Online

  1. Know Your Game

    As said before you need to be familiar with the game. Find ways you can learn about online craps. For example, there are a lot of gambling guides that are there to help give you a better understanding. If you can, use the free trails to learn as much as you can and grasp the concepts. In turn, this will help you make wiser informed decisions.

  2. Have Discipline

    It is quite easy to get carried away with online craps. Therefore, you will need to come with time and money limits. For instance, you can decide to spend $300 within a space of 3 hours and then log off. Meaning, you will have to stick to this arrangement, you will need to practice safe gambling.

  3. Make Use of Your Casino Rewards

    Bonuses are actually a vital part of online gambling. Hence, you will need to make full use of them. These will give craps players that extra boost that you will need to win real money with online craps. Sometimes it is not as complicated as it usually seems.

  4. Stick to Your Bets

    No Systems When it comes to betting online, there are a lot of systems to help you win. But the best advice we can give you is to trust the original gaming system. Meaning, religiously follow the online craps betting system. In turn, you will definitely bag that real money online.

Casino Games for Pokies Gamblers


Contrary to popular beliefs, online casinos are all about making you win that real money. Hence, you will find a lot of rewards given to you. Playing free craps games may seem fun, but real money gaming is even more fun and exciting.

Sometimes online casino gaming is not as complicated as people will make it seem. Therefore, make sure you sign up now and play real money online craps with friends. The best part is that you can even use your mobile devices during the whole gaming process.

Online Craps FAQs

How do I play craps online?
It is simple; all you will need to do is sign up with the best casino Australia. Make sure you use the Pokies Hype guide for the best results while playing craps online.
What are the craps online basics?
The game is about choosing between the pass line and don’t pass line bets. After, there is the establishment of “the Point’. Once all these are done, you can easily start betting according to every roll made.
Which is a natural win in craps?
This is when you get a total score of 7 or 11 after the rolling of two dice.
How can I cheat at craps?
Cheating does not usually work when it comes to online gaming. Hence, all you will need to do is stick to the betting strategy. These will guarantee you a real money win.
Can I win real money with craps?
Yes, you can. All you have to do is make sure that you sign up with a real money casino.