Reasons Why Most Australians are Now Turning to Online Casino Games

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Online casino games are now one of the few ways that people can actually get rid of the stress and anxiety that comes from the COVID 19 Shutdown. Mainly, this is because casino games have a way of making everything feel better. From the best casino bonuses to the biggest real money wins online.

Also, now that the lockdown has lasted for almost 3 months, most land casino gamblers are now diverting to online casinos. Therefore, the number of gamblers online are spiking up.

There are so many reasons why online casino revenues have spiked up by more than 50% in the past few weeks. Some of which will be highlighted in this article.

Land Casino Bound to Start casinos games Online

According to the Australian President, Scott Morrison, the lockdown could last for up to 6 months. And, land casinos are part of the non-essential high-risk business forbidden to operate.

 During all this, there are over 194 000 poker machines alone that are not operating. Originally, about 25% of the Australian population is casino players.

Therefore, in a bid to continue gaming, they have started casino games online. After all, it is the safest and most convenient choice that they have right now.

Gambling Online Now a Source of Entertainment

Not everyone is into watching Netflix and chilling. To some people, online casino games are the best source of entertainment to remove stress and relieving anxiety.

Now that people now have excess money due to cutting down of expenses, they can now experiment with their money a little.

For example, if a person is still getting paid while sitting at home, it will be easier for them to splash more money

Enticing Real Money Deals

Online casinos are not backing down on giving their players even bigger and better money deals. Online casino games will give you access to better casino bonuses to promotions and free rewards.

Most casinos come with a 100% money back welcome bonus for new players. Also, they will have other daily cashback bonuses that you can get as well.

Therefore, people will give in to the temptation to gamble here and there. What are you waiting for, go and sign up with the best online casinos in Australia and start winning real money right now?

Scarcity of Sports Games

;Australia has one of the highest numbers of online sports bettors. Now, most sporting events have been put on temporary hold because of the COVID 19 outbreak.

Therefore, a lot of sportsbooks do not really have much to offer when it comes to gambling online. Except a few spontaneous ideas here and there like weather predictions and political outcome bets.

Meaning, it is justifiable that their subscribers are now turning to online casino games for more fun. The best part is that online casinos are consistent.


As long land casinos are still shutdown, gamblers will have to rely on online casino games. After all, real money casinos online are much better healthier, and convenient options for casino gaming.  So, go online and start playing at some of the best online casinos Australia for more fun and bigger real money wins.

Online Casino Games FAQs

[accordiongroup id=”186″][accordion group=”186″ title=”Can I win real money with online casino games?” active=”true”]Yes, you can. All you will need to do is sign up at the best real money casino online right now. Free casino games do not payout, they are just there for fun.[/accordion][accordion group=”186″ title=”How do I win real money with casino games online?” active=””]It is quite simple. You need to choose the game, do more research on the game, the gaming concept, and the terms. After that, use the tips and tricks from our casino games guides to win real money.[/accordion][accordion group=”186″ title=”Can online casinos rig their casino games?” active=””]No they cannot. Online casinos can be audited by their licensing commission at any time to make sure that they are providing fair gaming. Also, they come with a decentralized gaming system which is hard to manipulate.[/accordion][accordion group=”186″ title=”Which casino games have the highest winning online?” active=””]Playing progressive slots will guarantee you big real money wins. For instance a lot of people have won millions from the mega moolah progressive slots.[/accordion][accordion group=”186″ title=”What is the legal gambling age in Australia?” active=””]The legal gambling age in Australia is 18 years. Meaning, gambling is only open for people who are 18 and above.[/accordion][/accordiongroup]

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