New Technology Taking Casinos by Storm Right Now

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new technology
new technology

Every industry is adapting to new technology to improve its operations and distinguish how they can be identified from the rest. In other words, they want to effectively set the business apart from the rest.

For example, online real money casinos are constantly evolving and becoming better. And, this is according to the new technology that will be available at that given time. Thus playing casino games is fun, and spontaneous.

After all, we would not even be having online games if it was not for the technological innovations, on the other hand, land casinos are also now trying to step up their gaming services as well. The competition seem s to getting stiffer and they definitely do not want to be left at the bottom.

Introduction of Robots

This can actually seem like a good innovation in this COVID 19 crisis.  If programmed well, the robots can actually present a better alternative to keeping the players entertained and safe as well. After all, there is nothing you cannot really do with robots, they easily adapt to whatever programming.

new technology
Robot dealers are now part of the new technology at land casinos.

Also, the gaming process for the casinos with robots is different. You will find that there are lesser mistakes common to human dealers. Meaning, they are more or likely the same as the online casino Random Number Generation System put on a robot.

Additionally, casinos are even using robots to take care of the different needs apart from the gaming process. For example, some casinos use their robots as butlers for hotels. According to them, this will help increase a better user experience.

Online and Mobile Gaming

This is not necessarily new technology because they have been at it for a while now. But, the new constant innovations and updates keep on making everything better.

For instance, software providers have moved from three-reels to five-reels and 3D gaming. These are now giving them a better chance at producing even more and interesting themes for more fun gaming experiences.

Additionally, the whole service process keeps on getting better. More games, better easy and convenient options as well.

We now have, mobile casino gaming. Meaning, you do not have to be stuck with playing on your PC. You can now access online casino games anywhere.

Online and Mobile Gaming Statistics

According to Newzoo, mobile gaming would have reached US$76.7 billion by the end of 2020. This is 12% more than 2019 $68.6 billion in revenue.

Additionally, App Annie estimates that in 2020, mobile gamers would have spent 674 hours on mobile gaming. This is more than the 2019 558 billion hours of statistics.


new technology
Mobile Gaming Statistics 2020

Chart Contents

Year Mobile games % PC Games % Console Games%
2018 51 24 25
2019 54 22 24
2020 57 21 23
2021 59 19 22

According to the chart, mobile games will increase its revenue by 8% from2018 to 2021. Meanwhile, PC games will fall by 5 % from 24 % to 19%. On the other hand console games will decline by 3% from25% to 22%. Therefore, mobile gaming is taking the world by storm when it comes to new technology.


Mobile phones have allowed developers to come up with so many ideas on how they can widen and retain their consumer base. They always make sure they come up with different upgrades and updates for even more fun and surprises. At this rate, people will never get tired of online mobile gaming.

New Technology FAQs

What new technology has been introduced to casino gaming?
Casino gaming thrives from technology. Hence, there are a lot of innovations that take place to enhance your casino gaming. For example; you can now enjoy your gaming on your mobile phone.
Are land casinos now using robots?
Yes they are. Although it is still a work in progress and new, it is surely showing a lot of potential.
What are the effects of new technology to online casino gaming?
Effects include more convenient and fun gaming. For example, you can now enjoy mobile gaming and 5- reel 3D slots online.
Who benefits the most from the technological innovations when it comes to casino gaming?
Both parties will be left happy at the end of the day. For instance, better innovations mean more customers and more money.
Which casinos are up to date when it comes to technology?
The online casino industry is filled with so much competition. Hence, they are all trying to bring in new ideas to make sure that they stay on top of the chart one way or the other.