Betting on NBA  2K Players Tournament Cancelled

The NBA 2K Players Tournament
The NBA 2K Players Tournament
Sportsbooks have recently cancelled betting on the NBA 2K Players Tournament

The online sports betting industry seems to be vaguely holding on to its lifeline. Now that the NBA 2K Players Tournament has been canceled,  there is even more reason for us to get worried about this online gambling department.

While some people are easily making real money from their online casino games, others are still trying to hold on to sports betting. It is not a bad thing, but considering everything that is going on, online gamblers should now try to be flexible.

More so, this advice comes after the NBA 2K Players Tournament is said to be pre-recorded. Therefore, all betting has been canceled again for NBA fans. We do not think this will go well for ESPN. The idea of NBA players playing for a $100 000 charity donation to corona victims is not bad after all.

The NBA 2K Players  Tournament Blunder

Because over 90 % of the major leagues have been shutdown. The NBA 2K players tournament was such a good way of bringing back sports betting on the Map.

The major issue rose when the majority of the online best seemed to be just to be lined to one outcome. Moreover, what would be the best outcome if people were not aware of the outcomes.

The NBA 2K Players Tournament
The NBA 2K Players Tournament is not live.

The match between Kevin Durant and  Derek Jones was the deal breaker for online sportsbooks. Jones one of the worst players in his team. While Durant is one of the best in the league.

After everyone decided to be going with Jones, the worst outcome. Sportsbooks started investigating. More so, Jones went on to beat Durant by 78-62.

Online Sportsbooks  Address  the Issue

 According to a certain sportsbook,

“We initially made Durant the favorite to win the tournament, but when the bets were completely one-sided toward Jones, it became obvious that someone knew the outcome of the game. When a result is compromised, we close the lines and look for the info ourselves, it’s almost always in the forums or on Twitter.”

Hence most of the sportsbooks backed out of the NBA 2K tournament.  After all, this is the most sensible thing for them to do to retain their fund and stay in the gambling online industry.


The NBA 2K Tournament seems like the only way online sportsbooks could come back to life. But,  they are again left stranded wondering what the next big thing could be. We surely hope that it will work out for the best.

The NBA 2K Players Tournament  FAQs

How much does the NBA 2K Tournament pay its players?
Normally, NBA players get paid 35 000 to 37 000. But, recently, the players are also playing to help raise funds for the COVID 19 helpline.
Definition of financial security in the NBA?
This the amount of money that a particular team has at the end of the season.
What is the NBA 2K Tournament?
Originally, the NBA 2K is a basketball video game. Currently, NBA players are playing the real-life version to raise funds for the COVID 19 victims.
Where can I watch the NBA 2K Players Tournament?
The tournament is currently being streamed on ESPN.
Is the NBA 2K Tournament Live?
According to ESPN the, matches were meant to be live. But according to betting sportsbooks the matches may not be live after all.