Lack of Tourists May Affect Crown Sydney Casino

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The Crown Sydney Casino will not be
Operating Gaming Machines Anytime Soon

The Crown Sydney Casino may be heavily affected by the lack of tourist in Australia. This emerged after China banned its citizens from travelling to Australia for casino gaming. The reasons being that The Chinese are facing a lot of racism after the 2020 COVID 19 pandemic outbreak.

Recently, land casino real money gaming had been put on a standstill after they were ruled out as non-essential services. Therefore, now that businesses are re-opening, casino owners are hoping they can make even and cut out losses.

Crown Sydney casino is starting to panic. This is because they had already started rebuilding and refurbishing their casino in the hope that they will get above the competition table. But, will they really be able to recover their losses since a lot of people are not travelling?

Crown Sydney Casino New Complex

The Crown Sydney Casino is currently building an AUD2.2 billion complex for its VIP players. And, the project is set to be open in December 2020.  However, it is expected to be fully operational by January 2021.

Also, the luxury complex has 75 floors. And, on those floors, the casino will have over 82 apartments and a 6-star hotel for the players. Therefore, you will not have to worry about having to go back home after real money gaming.

With that much work being done and so much effort coming through, we are expecting the returns to come through for one of the biggest casinos in Australia. But, will they be able to pull through considering that business is really slow for land casinos in Australia.

Chinese Government Discouraging Citizens to Travel

After there has been a lot of reports on racism towards the Chinese, their government has decided to safeguard them. Therefore, they are not allowing their citizens to travel to different parts of the world, including Australia.

Recently, according to American President, Donald Trump the coronavirus is a “Chinese Virus”. And, it has been quite a controversial issue. Additionally, is believed to have originated from China. Therefore, the world has been quite indifferent towards the Chinese race.

The Impact of the Chinese Government Decision on Crown Sydney Casino

According to the gambling and social determinants unit at Monash University, Charles Livingstone, and this decision could heavily affect the Crown Sydney casino. This is because the casino has so many Chinese high rollers who gamble and stay at their resorts.


Where are they going to get gamblers now? That is a very good question because their finances rely on a high number of high rollers from China. I would say they are in very difficult circumstances ”


According to another critic, Mike Harris who is also into Urban Architecture at the University of New South Wales, the Chinese are a lifeline of the crown Casino. Meaning, had they known this was going to happen, they would not have built the casino in the first place.


If that high-end Chinese market was not available, maybe the Bangaroo casino would not have gone ahead in the first place”


The Current Situation at the Crown Sydney Casinos

There are a lot of problems that the Crown Sydney Casino has to take care of. Firstly, they will not be operating any Poker machines in the near future. This is after The Star Group 21-year-old deal of having sole ownership to poker machines.  The deal was signed with the New South Wales Government and was made official earlier this month.

Additionally, while the new casino will be employing 2000 workers, it will also be working with lesser employees than before. And, currently, they are working with less than 10% of the original workforce. Meaning, they had to let go of 8500 workers during the COVID 19 lockdown.


There are a lot of challenges that the Crown Sydney has to deal with this year. Therefore, they are going to have to work extra hard this year to get back on track. Additionally, they will have come up with a plan on how they can cover up the losses from the poker machines.

Crown Sydney Casinos FAQs

Is the crown casino always open?
The Crown Sydney is always open throughout the year. However, the casinos will close on public holidays and will be open for half-days.
How much is the Crown Sydney Casino Worth?
In total, the crown casino is worth AUD 1, 5 billion. However, the casino can be worth so much more if combined with the other child companies.
Who is the owner of CrownResorts?
The Crown Casino is owned by 2 different people. James Pecker and Melco.
What should I wear when playing at the Crown Casinos?
Usually, casinos will just require that you wear smart casual. But, just make sure that you do not wear anything too revealing or extra.
Is it legal to open casinos in Australia?
Yes, it is. That’s why you will find some of the biggest and best casinos in the world in Australia.