The Never-Ending Story of James Packer Scandals

James Packer
James Packer
James Packer and Charlotte Kirk

The owner of the crown casino and well-known billionaire James Packer seems to attract scandal everywhere he goes. Recently he had to deal with his casino being shut down and having the license revoked.

This was after he had decided to form an alliance with partners that may have participated in money laundering activities.

Now, we are still to see what they are going to do with the billion-dollar infrastructure that they had built for real money gaming. But, for now, here are even more scandals from the billionaire in the past years.

James Packer and Lawrence Ho

Packer and Ho have been working together for over a decade now. The two are both sharks in the gambling industry. Also, they have been really successful in their ventures as well.  Their empire had them earning over $4.5 billion, the biggest revenue that the tycoons had ever made in their lives. And, we can say, the 11 years they have together were some of the most successful for Packer as well.

It was after Mr Ho’s decision to buy 20% of the crown at $1.8 billion that authorities started raising eyebrows in the Duo’s direction. And, even though Packer may not have been directly in the money laundering activities, his reputation is now in ruins.

The Charlotte Kirk Scandal

Back in the year 2013, a bunch of test messages were put to the world that was showing the mogul asking for sexual favours in return for career advancement. If looks like Packer did not fulfil his end of the bargain. Therefore, the actress, Charlotte Kirk, went on to release the messages to the press.

His Relationship to Mariah Carey

His relationship with Carey is one of the things that brought Packer into the limelight. The businessman had bought a ring worth millions for the pop star in 2016. The two were looking like the perfect couple until they were rumours of an argument in Greece. After, the relationship could just be pretty much non-existent. They called off the engagement in October 2016 and in November 2017, Mariah Carey sued James Packer for the inconvenience.


We are hoping that there will not be any more scandals from James Packer from now on. Also, we want the Crown casino to regain its status of being the best casino in Australia. Packer might need to be kept under a leash for no to ensure that he does not find himself in any more scandals, it is either that, or he will have to deal with his billion-dollar empire crumbling

James Packer FAQS

How much is James packer worth?
Packer is worth over 3 billion dollars. Most of it was made through his casino empire.
How old is James Packer?
Packer is 53 years old.
How many shares does packer own?
Packer owns about 37% of the shares at Crown Casinos.
Who is the owner of Crown Casino?
The majority of the shares are owned by James Packer.