Gold Coast Casino Currently Shifting Focus to Domestic Market

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Gold Coast Casino
Gold Coast Casino

Gold coast casino is one of the few land-based casinos that are operating in Australia right now. But, with their high rollers from China not coming anymore, the casinos now have to find ways that they can make as much profit as before.

The casinos are slowly starting to reopen for gambling and it looks like it is going to take a while for them to get back to where business was a few months ago. Now, they will have to readjust their whole marketing campaigns to make sure that they cover up for the lost clientele.

Gold Coast Casino Shifting Focus from Chinese High Rollers

Most of the biggest casino in Australia have been relying on Chinese high rollers for real money gambling. And, the Chinese government has cautioned its citizens on travelling around the world due to racist COVID 19 treatment and remarks.

Therefore, Chinese citizens will now have to gamble on at their own local casinos. But, this will put a major strain on Australian casinos including the Stars’ Gold Coast. After all, the casinos were not only relying on the casino activities but, they had other sources of income.

Effects of Chinese High Rollers Ban

There are a lot of negative effects that are surrounding the recent Chinese travelling restrictions on the Gold Coast casino and other local casinos. Most of the land-based casino in Australia will be witnessing a high drop in its revenue income.

For example, most casinos are also resorts areas as well which comprises of hotels, bars, spars and so many more. With the tourists gone, that means that they will have to make use of locals who will barely need their services.

According to the Tourism and research body, over 13 million Chinese people visited Australia in 2018. In turn, they also brought in over 11 billion dollars in revenue to the tourist resorts and activities. And, among these are and casinos like Crown and the Star.

Despite all these changes, Stars Group executive of operations, Geoff Hogg, went on to state that hotel rooms and restaurants were fully booked for the opening date which was a week ago. But, he also worries that they will start seeing negative effects in the long run.

Geoff Hogg

But now to be operating to be operating a lot closer to full capacity is fantastic. Our International guest make anywhere up to 10 to 12% of your business. It’s millions of dollars in our earnings and it’s quite significant.

the operating executive

Australian Casinos Now Focusing on the Domestic Market

Hogg said that they are now shifting their target market to wealthy Australians.  He went on to say that they are going to be putting more focus on their wealthy Australian high rollers.

Geoff Hogg

We do have some domestic customers that will be pretty critical and we’ll be trying to focus on them to come to the Gold Coast Casino. For us, it is really about focusing on the market that you can influence

the operating executive


Now that the Chinese high rollers are out of the picture, Australian high rollers are the only hope that is left for the Australian casinos. Therefore their whole marketing and advertising tricks will have to start getting refocused.

Gold Coast Casino FAQs

What are high roller casinos?
High roller casinos are VIP casinos. Meaning, you will have to spend a large amount of money. In turn, you get exclusive mega real money deals.
Which is the biggest land casino in Australia?
Currently, the Star Group is dominating the casino market, followed by Crown Resorts.
What is the difference between high roller casinos and normal online casinos?
The main differences are that you spend more to get even much bigger and better real money deals. In the case of the Star Group, you will be getting the royal treatment at its best. You might not want to go back home.
Why should I play at high roller casinos?
Playing at these casinos would guarantee you of much bigger real money deals. Additionally, online casino gaming will be fun and more exciting.
Who did The Star Group merger with?
The Star group is in a merger with the global sportsbook, Flatter entertainment. Negotiations were started in 2019 and finally put into action early 2020.


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