Gods Of Gambling: Greek Gods and the Different Gambling Folklore

Greek gods
Greek gods
Greek gods

Gambling has been there since as far as we can remember. And, according to folklore, Greek gods also took part in making the history of gambling.  Therefore, if you were still thinking about taking part in real money gaming, then maybe it is high time you start doing that.

There are so many stories that surrounding casino gaming, but this article is going to be looking at the most fun theories that have been circulating since the beginning of time. Including the Greek culture, which happens to be the most superstitious culture in the world.

Greek Gods Cast Lots to Determine Ownership

Greek Gods
Greek God: Zeus

When we tell you that craps is one of the oldest casino game in the world, you will have to believe us. Here is one of the proofs that we can use. Casting lots can be taken as some form of a miniature version of the now-famous gambling variation.

According to mythology, the Greek gods cast lots to determine who would rule over the different parts of the universe. And Zeus, who was believed to be the luckiest go, won the best option of ruling the heavens.

On the other hand, Poseidon won the Sea and Hades literally went to hell. And further mythology goes on to tell how Poseidon lost a bet to Athena and cursed Athens. Therefore explaining why Athens is dry land.

Noqoilpi: The One Who Beats People at Games

Greek gods are not the only lucky gods in gambling, the Navajo people have their own god of games who no one wanted to gamble with because you would be guaranteed of losing. According to myths, upon coming down from the heavens, he would challenge people to see the person who could beat him at any game.

And, he is believed that he has a talisman that he uses to win over his opponents. Therefore, he went on to collect everything from his slaves including properties and wives. After, the slaves had to go on and appeal to an even more powerful god to beat the swindler.

How the Calendar Has 365 Days

This myth will help you see that Greek gods where no the only ones who were gambling with the universe. The Egyptian gods also played their own dice games to get out of a tight spot.  And, in this instance, the calendar ended up having five more days from the original 365 days.

The mythology looks at how Thoth using his mind gift of mental arts to help Nut give birth. This was after the sun god Ra had refused to give her a day to give birth in jealousy. Thoth then went on to challenge the moon god to a dice game so that they could light to use for the birthing process.

Gambling With your Life

This story will show you that women can be the smartest gamblers. After a bet had gone wrong for her husband while he had staked his life and that of his family with the devil, the wife had to step in to save the day.

If you want to find out more you will have to look up the story of Master Gerhard the architect and devil. But, you will find that the only being that can outsmart the devil is a woman wanting to save her family.

Greek Gods FAQs

How many Greek gods are there?
There are a lot of Greek gods and deities. And, each of them is there to stand out for each and every single part of the universe. Meaning, there is a god for each planet.
How did Zeus die?
According to an episode in Xena Warrior Princess, Hercules killed Zeus after he had attempted to kill Xena’s daughter.
Did really eat his wife?
Yes, he did. This is after there was a prophesy that she was to give birth to a son who would be more powerful than Zeus himself.
Who is the nicest god on the pantheon?
Also referred to as the most boring god by some, Hestia is the nicest god of Olympia.