Casinos Workers in Fear of Death as Colleagues Testing Positive for COVID 19

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Casino Workers
casino workers

Land casino gaming is not as simple as it used to be. The casino workers are constantly living in fear of death as some of their colleagues are testing positive for the deadly COVID 19 virus.  And, with so much traffic that happens inland casino no one really knows the next person, it is going to strike.

Currently, casinos are slowing to re-open in Australia. For example, the Crown Resorts and Star Group have already started getting ready for their gamblers. But, are all the necessary health and safety measure being put in place to make sure that casino workers are safe.

A lot of measures are now in place from the casino workers union to guarantee the safety of the workers. But, now that some workers are still testing positive for the virus, then it is important that new ones are put in place.

Workers in Fear of Death after Corona Virus Exposure

Recently a casino manager for the Morongo Casino Resort in California tested positive for COVID 19. However, the manager was not showing signs and symptoms of the virus. Still, the 11 workers that had been in direct contact have been immediately put under isolation.

Additionally, the resort is assuring that the guests are safe as the manager did not have any direct contact with the guests. The Morongo Casino re-openedd in late May and has been following the different safety methods that have been put in place by the casino. But, the workers are now in fear of death after the recent turn of events.

Also, the Ilani Casino Resort also reported that one of the workers tested positive for the pandemic. The casino had been closed for 70 days and reopened on the 28th of May. While the worker is currently under quarantine, the casino has also urged other workers who might have been in contact with the worker to go get tested.

Measure Being Put in Place for COVID 19 Prevention

Before opening, a lot of land casinos will have to make sure that they are implementing the requirements of the regulatory bodies. Meaning, they will have to get approval from the respected body in order for them to start operation.

Some of the measures that have been put in place include:

  1. Use of sanitizers
  2. Following the distancing rules
  3. Use of gloves
  4. Testing of temperatures before entry
  5. Constant cleaning for Hygienic purposes

What’s New for Land Casinos in Australia

Casinos have been shut down for quite a long time in Australia. And, a lot can happen in those 90 days of closure. For once, The Star Group has gained a monopoly over machine gaming for the next 21 years.

Meaning, no other casino can operate their poker machines unless they come into some form of agreement with TSG. Hence, other casinos may be forced to start operating under TSG in the near future.

Additionally, China, the main source of high roller players for Crown Resorts is forbidding citizens to visit other countries. Therefore, the resort is losing two main sources of income, Pokie machines and Chinese high rollers who happen to be the main source of income.


There are a lot of adaptations that need to happen when it comes to land casino gambling. And, the casinos and the players will have to accept that the whole gaming process is going to be the same. Meaning, land casinos might end up losing some of their players to online pokies, which happens to be the safest real money option right now.

Casino Workers FAQs

What is the general title for casino workers?
Usually, it depends on the department that the worker is in, for example, there are cashiers, waitresses, and bartenders. But, those who are usually at the gaming tables are the dealer or croupiers.
How much do casino workers get ?
Casino workers get their basic wages per hour. But, they can end up making more from the customary tips that they will be getting from the players.
What are the qualifications for being a casino dealer?
Being a casino dealer does not need specific qualifications except basic education. After, they will have to go for a training course from the casino itself.
Are casino workers at high risk of catching the Corona-virus?
Yes, they are. This is because there is a lot of traffic and contact when it comes to casino gaming. Therefore, extra measures have to be put in place to make sure that the workers are not left in a vulnerable position.