Current Global Pandemic Slowing Down Casinos Worldwide

Macau casinos shutdown

The current COVID 19 global pandemic is has brought land casino gaming to a standstill. Winning real money is going to be a lot harder for gamblers due to the coronavirus restrictions. And, it is also affecting the quality of the gaming that players will be getting.

Casinos are having to make a lot of adjustments to make sure that they can still operate while protecting their players and workers from the pandemic. But, some of the restrictions have also slowed down the progress in revenue for brick and mortar casinos.

The Chinese Travel Ban Due to the Global Pandemic

The coronavirus is constantly being referred to as the China virus because it is coming from China. And, this is only part of the story, the Chinese have to constantly fight off racist remarks concerning the origin and outbreak of the coronavirus.

Therefore, in order for them to protect their citizens, the government has urged its gamblers to avoid going to different casino resorts around the world to gamble. Instead, they should make use of the plenty casino available near them in Macau.

But, most casinos in Australia have been relying on Chinese high rollers for their revenue. According to the Star, 10 to 12 percen of their revenue is relying on the Chinese which sums up to millions that they would have to lose.

Additionally, according to research done, over 1 million Chinese people visited Australia in 2018 alone. They  contributed over 1, 5 billion dollars in revenue. Therefore, the Travel restrictions will mean less movement and less money for the tourism industry which also includes brick and mortar casinos.

The Sovereign Casino Will Not Make As Many Profits

global pandemic
The Sovereign

The Stars Group recently did an official opening of their high roller floor known as “The Sovereign”. The floor is worth over $250 million and is for the high roller players. And, with their high roller players not traveling from China, they will have to make do with locals.

Casinos will be making money, but they will not be making as much as they would be making before. Therefore, had the global pandemic not caused travel bans, it could be better.

Macau Casinos Revenues on a Downward Spiral

Macau is one of the biggest gambling cities in the world. But, it has recently been facing the challenges of getting back to the top after the global pandemic hit early February 2020.  So far Macau casinos have recorded a 97% decline in revenue since last year.

However, there is still hope. Gamblers from mainland China might give it that extra boost that it needs to get back on its feet.

Japan Delaying the Integrated Resorts Project

The global pandemic has hit brick-and-mortar casinos, hence,  the Yokohama city council is postponing the board meeting from June to August. This is to see whether the project is still feasible and will not make them incur losses.

The Integrated Resorts project is set to significantly improve the Japanese gambling industry. But, factors like who to involve and so forth are coming into major play to determine the next step for the brilliant idea.


The COVID 19 virus has done a lot of damage as a global pandemic to the whole gaming industry. But, the online casino industry is still left unmoved, instead, it is actually thriving and getting record-breaking sells.

Therefore, consistency-wise, it will be wise that you use the online casino for undisturbed gaming made for your convenience.

Global Pandemic FAQs

What is a Global Pandemic?
When a disease is a global pandemic it means that it is affecting most if not all countries around the world. In this case, the COVID19 virus has affected a large chunk of the world.
How are casinos avoiding the spread of the Coronavirus?
A lot of casinos are operating under social distancing regulations. And, these include checking temperature, heavy sanitization, using the regulated distancing meters, and so many more.
What are the effects of the current global pandemic?
When it comes to casino gaming, brick and mortar casinos have been under closure as they are non-essentials. Although they are now re-opening, they have a lot of losses which might be hard to better from.
Are casino COVID 19 risk-free?
No, they are not. There are a lot of risk factors involving land casinos which is why we urge you to rely on online casinos for real money gaming.
Do land casinos go under high-risk areas?
Yes, they do. This is because there is a lot of contact and sharing of objects when it comes to land casino gaming. Which is why you would rather play online pokies.