Crown Resorts Introduces A Mandatory Vaccination Policy For Employees And Customers

mandatory vaccination
mandatory vaccination
mandatory vaccination

Crown resorts introducing mandatory vaccination police. All employees must produce proof of vaccination. Also,   without vaccination cannot play at the venues. In addition, the Crown says that it is consulting with employees and stakeholders about introducing the rules.

After the COVID outbreak, casino gaming is never going to be the same. But, as we strive to get back to normalcy, gambling platforms will have to play their part in making sure they are not the cause of another outbreak. Here is how the Crown casino is playing its part in protecting their real money gamers.

Crown Resorts’ Employees Vaccinated For The First Dose

Crown’s mandatory policy applies to 20 000 workers at its resorts and casinos in Australia. Apart from that, Crown Melbourne and Crown Resorts chief executive Steve McCann asserts that 60% of the company’s employees have already received one dose of COVID-19 vaccination.

In addition,  chief executive Steve McCann says that vaccination is about protecting every Australian. And, this includes their employees and their customers. He also wants to create a safe environment for people to come to work. And also for his guests to come to enjoy themselves. 

Moreover, Steve McCann further explains that there is a significant hospitality employer in Australia. And he has resorts that host over 30 million visits a year pre-COVID.  He also says that there are some measures that are to be taken. In order to help employees and visitors to be safe. And the employees are the ones who will get the vaccine first. But, this also extends to the guest and the broader community.

Employee’s Support Of The Mandatory Vaccination Policy

The company says 63% of respondents to their employee survey support the notion of mandatory vaccination within the hospitality sector. In addition, Crown Resorts says that employees getting vaccination are going to be given three hours’ paid leave for each jab. Additionally, they will get an extra day off sick life if needed.

Executive chief Steve McCann says that COVID-19 is destroying the hospitality industry, and the pinch has been felt acutely by his people. Moreover, he further explains that supporting the vaccination target rates set by governments is going to help his industry stay open.  And recover faster so he will play his part to help his industry get there.

The Way Forward

Apart from that, he says he will continue to explore ways to make it faster and easier for his people to come back to work.  McCann that Deputy Premier James Merlino says vaccine mandates like Crown’s will become more common in Victoria in the future.

Mr Merlino also says that it makes sense that if a venue requires that you are vaccinated to enter, that the staff is also vaccinated. And it will be a part of victoria in the future. In addition, Crown is following other major employers such as Qantas which have to introduce mandatory vaccination policies for employees.


it is understandable that the casino is encouraging the workers and patrons to get the vaccines. After all, this is going to ensure safe gaming. Alongside the social distancing protocols, they can easily curb the spread of the virus by end of the year.


Is it necessary for a person to know all about COVID-19?

Yes, it is necessary. You should know about the symptoms of coronavirus and the number of cases in Australia. Also, you should track Australia’s vaccine rollout.

Is there a vaccine for COVID-19?

Yes, there are different vaccines for COVID-19

What are the side effects of the COVID-19 vaccine?

There is still research on the different side effects that come with getting the different vaccines.

What are the advantages of getting vaccinated?

Vaccination will boost your immune system and help it become more resistant to the Virus.