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A Possible Second Wave of Coronavirus Affecting Casinos



It looks like there is going to be a second wave of the coronavirus after the re-opening of non-essentials. This means that the chances of casinos being shut down again are very high since they also happen to be high-risk zones.

There is a lot of physical contact that happens at casinos. For example, the patrons will be sharing gaming equipment like Chips and cards during the casino gaming sessions. And if you are playing at the biggest casinos in Australia it means you are even at higher risk.

A lot of implementations have been put in place to try and curb the spreading of the virus. But, we are not yet sure about how effective they are in avoiding the spreading of the virus. Currently, there have been reported cases of patrons and workers testing positive to the virus which makes everything even more alarming.

Star Casino Patron Tests Positive for the Coronavirus

The Stars Group had to thoroughly clean and disinfect their premises after one of their patrons tested positive of the deadly coronavirus. The cleaning was according to the normal standard procedure that is supposed to be done after premises have been exposed to the virus.

Additionally, casino workers started to live in fear after one of the Crown Casino workers tested positive to the virus, The casino said that all the players and workers that had been in contact with the patient were warned and the workers were self-isolating in their homes.

Philippines Casino Closes After Three Workers Test Positive to COVID

Straight after the re-opening of the casinos, one of them had to abruptly shut down after three of its workers tested positive to the coronavirus. Immediately after, the Philippines Amusement and Gambling Co-operation had to order an immediate shutdown of the casino on July 17.

Investigations were later carried out and those that had been in contact with the workers were immediately isolated. However, the COVID 19 cases in the Philippines are still on the low, therefore, it is easy for them to contain the virus and avoid it causing any more havoc.


Casinos are one of the most affected groups when it comes to COVID 19. Despite the fact that they are non-essentials, they are also really high-risk zones because there is a lot of sharing and contact that takes place at casinos.

Therefore, it is going to be hard for them to recover the losses that they made during the lockdown. Additionally, a lot of people are now moving to online pokies for their real money gaming meaning that they have also lost most of their customers.

Coronavirus and Casino Gaming FAQs

A lot of casinos are operating under social distancing regulations. And, these include checking temperature, heavy sanitization, using the regulated distancing meters, and so many more.
Usually, land casinos will just require you to Smart casual. Meaning, you must not be wearing anything that will be too fancy or out of the ordinary. Do not forget to put on your mask as well.
No, they are not. There are a lot of risk factors involving land casinos which is why we urge you to rely on online casinos for real money gaming.
Yes, they do. This is because there is a lot of contact and sharing of objects when it comes to land casino gaming. Which is why you would rather play online pokies.
According to the rules, the players are just supposed to look smart, clean and not supposed to wear anything fancy. These include bandanas, hats, caps and so many more.
Yes, you can. There is no limit if where you can be a casino dealer. All, you need to do is make sure that you fit in with the casino requirements for employment.

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