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Online Casino Bonuses: The Ultimate Real Money Guide for 2020

Casino Bonuses

Casino Bonuses

Online casino bonuses are what make the casino the best the worst casino online. So, we are here to give you the best guide online right now when it comes to casino gaming, and why the casino bonuses always matter.

Sometimes, casino bonuses language may actually seem pretty complicated. Pokies Hype is going to be helping you out in all the best ways possible. Our job is to definitely make sure that your transition and understanding of online casino bonuses is a smooth one.

Casino Bonuses you will Find Online

Here are the different types of casino bonuses you might come across while you play for that real money online. It is best you actually use them to your full advantage. They might look too good to be true, but they actually are.

  1. No Deposit Bonus

    Basically, no deposit bonus just means that you do not really have to pay anything to get the bonus. The bonus is meant for the new casino subscribers and used to get even more subscribers by online casinos.

  2. Free Bonus Money

    Even the old players will need the motivation to stay as well. The free bonus money has been designed to cater for every online casino member.

  3. Risk –Free casino bonus

    Sometimes, a person just needs to have that confidence before playing casino games.  And, this type of bonus is in place to make sure that you get the assurance you need.

  4. Match bonus

    A match bonus simply means the bonus you will get while playing a particular casino game after getting in line with the casino requirements.

  5. Sticky bonus

    Sticky bonuses have been known to give you that massive boost you need to win real money and calculated in percentage form. You might get 200% or more in your account to use when wagering. Hence, you can have more fun without worrying about your money running out.

  6. The Reload Bonus

    The reload bonus is there to motivate the online casino beginners to start playing. After signing up with an online casino, you might get reluctant to make that real money move. Hence, before you change your mind, you will have to think about the reload bonus waiting for you.

  7. Loyalty Bonus

    Imagine getting paid to just have fun.the loyalty bonus is usually set aside for those frequent casino players. Also, it can be referred to as the VIP program.

  8. Refer a Friend Bonus

    Usually, this can also be found under the loyalty bonus. All you have to do is make sure that you invite as many friends as you can. However, the bonus only gets activated after the friend has actually deposited something into their account.

  9. The Welcome Bonus

    This is the most important bonus when it comes to online casino gaming. Before you get happy, you will have to first deposit before having access to this bonus. The amount of the bonus varies according to the casino.

Online Casino Bonuses: Ways of Evaluating the Best Real Options

When it comes to online casino gaming, there is always something on offer to keep you interested. Each offer depending on the casino that you would have picked.

Just like any other business, online casinos need to feel special at times.  Casinos should not just be about taking your money.  They should also show you that they want you to keep on playing.

That 100 % money back bonus can actually go a long way. This is the thing about online casino games. They are quite unpredictable. You will never know when you will actually win that real money online.

With over 1000 online casinos, it is always hard for casino players to know where the best deal is. You will always to be on point when it comes to keeping your information up to date.

Here are some ways that can help you know that the casino you are playing at is indeed a real money casino.

  1. A Large Variety of Casino Bonuses

    Legit online casinos are all about giving you the quite deserved real money win. Hence, the more the bonuses, the good chances of you winning that real money

    There are over 8 bonus offers when it comes to online casino gaming. Hence, the more the bonuses the more the chances of you making money.

  2. Find Out Whether the  bonus is Sticky or Not

    Sometimes online casinos will give you a sticky bonus, meaning that you might not be able to cash out the bonus. However, you can still use it to pay for your wagers.

    This type of bonus is usually the best for just keeping your bankroll rolling. Hence it might not be such a bad idea after all. You are still getting to save your money either way.

  3. Read the Fine Print of the Bonuses

    A lot of online casinos will come with a lot of attractive bonus deals. But you should always remember that not all that glitters is gold.

    For instance, you might be offered a 200% welcome bonus. But, the wagering requirements would need you to deposit an outrageous amount of money.

  4. Make Sure You Know the Game First Before Tying Yourself to the Casino

    Online casino games may look simple but they are actually more complex than you think. Therefore, before committing your self to any bonuses you will probably never be able to access.

  5. Be Careful of Playthrough Casino Bonuses

    Sometimes you might commit yourself to a bonus. Then later, you realize that the bonus was meant for you. Of course, the best way to go about is to just quit and let it go.

    However, some online casinos will take time before they allow you access to their casino bonuses again. Therefore, you would need to actually  got through with the first commitment

Best Online Casino Bonuses In Australia

We all know that the bonuses different according to the different casinos. While some online casinos are all about giving, some may be a bit on the stingy side. Here are some of the best casino deals in Australia right now. Do not forget to actually go check them out and sign up now!

House of Pokies Casino Bonuses

You can go and camp in the house of pokies for all the real money wins. Get all the exclusive deals before everyone else and get dibs on some of the newest casino games online.

The new casino offers its players an AUSD1000 match bonus. On top of that,  it has over 700 games to pick from making the real money experience even more fun. Claim your bonus by registering and get 10 free spins on Fruit Zen.

Johnny Kash Casino

As the name says it all, the casino is all about giving you even more real comes with a match bonus of AU$6000.

As if that is not enough the online casino comes with a 24/7 live casino. On top of the match bonus, it comes with daily bonus deals, surprise rewards and a loyalty deal.

The game comes with 200 spins on the following games:

  1. Queens and the Dragons
  2. Jungle Queen
  3. Safari Deluxe
  4. Vegas Riches
  5. 3 kings
  6. Monkey king
  7. 3 Witches
  8. Wolf Treasures.

Golden Pokies

This Australian online casino comes with AUS$2500 and 100 free spins as their match bonus. However,  there is no to worry about whether or not it has enough bonus deals.

Pokie Mate

Pokie mate is also an Australian online casino with so many exclusive bonus deals. Firstly, the casino will give you a massive AUS$ 3000 in match bonus of the deposit amount.

Additionally, it comes with extra free spin bonuses for the following fun and exciting games. All you need to do cash in your minimum deposit now!

Playamo Casino Bonuses

Most casino reviews on this online pokies site have given it five stars. Some have even described as a world-class casino which also has the potential to surpass all its competition. Even when it comes to its live dealer services.

The casino gaming website comes with $ 1 500  match casino bonuses. Additionally, you can get 150 free spins on the Lucky Lady slot. You have a lot of choices form the 400 online pokies on the page.

True Blue Casino

The true blue casino is a brand new Real Time Gaming Casino. More so, you can pick from over 4000 slot games to relieve the stress.

The casino has an impressive  $ 3000 match casino bonuses with 33 free spins on the iZombie slots.

Bet Chan Casino Bonuses

If you are a game of thrones fan, you can get to enjoy 120 Spins on their fire and steel slots. This gives you ample time to catch up with the mother of dragons, and the multiple casino bonuses made available.

But, you can still make your choice from a large number of games to pick from. BetChan will give you the best online payments right now. If you do not like that then you cannot run away from the AUS$ 1500 match bonus.

Pokie Spins Casino Bonuses

Pokie spins have our highest online pokie casino bonuses. Therefore, do not just scroll through. Go on and sign up with them now to get these massive bonuses.

Pokies Spins has a massive 10 000 match bonus. Before that, the welcome bonus would have topped up your account already. also, no room for complaints is being left. You can also get to enjoy over 800 games

Raging Bull

The raging bull casino definitely has its bull raging with online casino bonuses and treats.  The best part is that you do not have to worry about the limit, the match bonus is unlimited!

Get a chance to win even more by playing the cash bandits 2 slots with the 100 free spins. Also, it comes with a good recommendation for its mobile gaming up.

In a nutshell, here is a table to show you exactly what  we were talking about:

Real Money CasinoMatch Bonus
Johnny Kash$ 6000
House of Pokies$ 1000
Joka  Room$ 5000
Pokie Mate $ 3 000
Golden Pokies$ 2 500
Playamo$ 1 500
Bet Chain$ 1 500
Tru Blue$3  000
Pokie Spins$ 10 000
Raging Bull$ Unlimited

Best Casino Bonuses Deals For Real Money Games.

Currently, the most popular casino games at both land and online casinos include:

  1. Video Poker
  2. Baccarat
  3. Blackjack
  4. Roulette
  5. Craps
  6. Sic Bo
  7. Pai Gow
  8. Keno

Each of these games will have its own type of variations to suit the different audiences it caters for. For example, Roulette has an American version, European version and a French Version. All these versions can be found in the different casinos worldwide, but some are more popular in one country than the other.

The Best Casino Bonuses Online Right Now

Due to the fact that some online casino players make the transition from land casinos to online casinos, it is important to make sure that online casinos will give them a near home experience

Therefore, let us get to see what some of the best Australian casinos online have to offer in terms of casino bonuses.

Real Money CasinoCasino BonusRatingVisit Site
Joka RoomAUD$ 5 000 BonusRating: 5/5Read Review
Play AmoAUD$ 1 500 BonusRating: 4.9/5Read Review
Uptown PokiesAUD$ 8 888 BonusRating: 4.8/5Read Review
Fair GoAUD$ 1 000 BonusRating: 4.6/5Read Review
Kauna CasinoAUD$ 4 000 BonusRating: 4.5/5Read Review
Raging BullAUD$ 3 500 BonusRating: 4.5/5Read Review
Planet 7 CasinosAUD$ 4 000 BonusRating: 4.2/5Read Review
Johnny KashAUD$ 6 000 BonusRating: 4.8/5Read Review
Pokies ParlorAUD$ 2 700Rating: 4.0/5Read Review
Joe FortuneAUD$ 5 000Rating: 3.9/5Read Review
Bonza Spins150 Free SpinsRating: 3.8/5Read Review
Jack MillionAUD$ 1 500Rating: 3.7/5Read Review
Ignition CasinoAUD$ 2 350Rating: 3.5/5Read Review

Why Should I Go and Claim Free Spins Right Now

Did You Know? Unlike free casino games, you can actually win real money with your free spins. So sign up and claim those real money boosters right now!

Free spins can actually help you learn a game before you actually get to try it out. Meaning, you do not have to worry about losing your real money while trying to grasp the gaming concept of a particular online casino game.

The free spins can also give you a chance to try out the famous online casino pokies at that time. Since online casinos are all about attracting even more customers

You can actually cash out your winnings from free spins and you can use your free spins to while up time when your bankroll runs out. Therefore, you will not really feel the pinch.

Can I Claim My Free Spins Without Depositing  Any Money?

Here are the easy tips you can follow to get your free spins from any online casino in Australia:

  1. Find the link that leads you to your favourite online casino in Australia.
  2. Create an online casino account for free.
  3. Once the activation process is over. You can now go-ahead to look for the online slot. the best part is that your free spins will be readily waiting for you.
  4. If you happen to fail to get access to your free spins or casino bonuses. You can easily get in touch with the customer care group.


Online casino gaming is definitely not fun without casino bonuses. A lot of casinos online have spoilt their subscribers with soo many casinos promotions that it has actually become a habitual thing.

But, it is important that you always read the fine print of any bonus deal before embracing the online casino offer. This is actually one of the most important things you have to do when it comes to online casino bonuses. Otherwise, you might end up agreeing to something that you cannot live up to.

Casino Bonuses FAQs

On our guide to spotting a legit casino from a fake on, we highlight the importance of a bonus incentive to the player. Real money casinos actually want you to win and they use bonuses to attract players.

Casino rewards are gifts you get from the casino to keep you interested. The exact things you get will depend on the casino you are playing at.

Term of the loyalty bonus will depend on the different casinos. But, some will actually give you the rewards after you get another player to sign up.

There are usually terms and conditions of any casino bonus. Hence, it is always important to read the fine print of any bonus before accepting anything.

This all depends on the type of bonus. For instance, the welcome bonus is a once-off thing. But you can also get a daily bonus, a weekly bonus, a Christmas bonus and many more. These just depend on the casino you will be playing at.

It all depends on the type of bonus you are gunning for. All the casino bonuses come with their own terms and conditions.

The bonus money will be there to help boost your bankroll. Hence, you will be able to play even more online casino games.