Blacklisted Casinos : Where you Cannot Gamble in 2023

Blacklisted Casinos

At Pokies Hype, we are all about making sure that you get the best online casino gaming there is. Therefore, it is our job to protect you from any dubious blacklisted casinos online. There are a lot of reasons why a casino can be on the blacklist. Meaning an online casino can easily fall onto the blacklisted casinos list.

We are going to be giving you reasons why we can decide to blacklist a casino. Then, we will give you our list of blacklisted casinos and why we think they qualify to be on the list. in turn, you will get to enjoy your online pokies without any worrie

Blacklisted Casinos
Blacklisted Casinos

Blacklisted Casinos: Poor Gaming

An online casino will not be an effective casino if it is not doing the one simple thing that it is supposed to do. Therefore, quality gaming is vital when it comes to the functioning of an online casino. Also, besides good quality gaming, the games must also be fair and unrigged.

Failure to Respond to Customer Complaints

As we always say, the best casino must always come with the best customer care services. Meaning, failure of the casino to help their clients will land them on the blacklisted casino list. Failure to respond may hint that they know of their shortcoming and are not doing anything to fix them.

Poor Security

Security is always vital when it comes to online casino gaming. Hence blacklisted casinos would have failed to make sure that they protect their players from any possible harm. This may include protection from rigging and hacking. Also, the online casino must carry a valid license from a legitimate gaming commission.

Complicated Payout Methods

The reason why it is called real money gaming is that you are supposed to get real money winnings from your online casino gaming. Therefore, we do not want you to be missing out on any real money deals because the casinos will not payout. The whole payout process must be clear and precise, without any complications.

False Advertising

The online casino industry has so much competition. Meaning, some casinos will end up going out of their way to get subscribers. Therefore, a lot of false advertising will be involved. Hence, they will end up catfishing you and promising the un-do-able.

Spam Messages

Spam Messages mean that you will be forcing your services on clients. But, this is not allowed as it is mainly associated with hacking. Additionally, it is not right to force your information on people. they should have the freedom to choose the content they want to view or not view.

Blacklisted Casinos Online

Here is a list of blacklisted casinos online and possible reasons why they have landed themselves on the list.

 Blacklisted Casino Name


Win Palace Poor Payout Services
Wild Vegas Casino Poor Payout Options
Wager 21 Casino Game Rigging
VIP Golden Club Game Rigging
Triomphe Casino Poor Payout Services
Super Casino Poor Payout Services
Slots Of Vegas False Advertising
Royal Ace Casino Poor Payout Services
Raging Bull Casino Poor Payout Services
Mighty Slots Poor Payout Services
Lucky 18 Poor Payout Services
Aztec Casino Game Rigging
50 Stars Casino Poor payout Services
BetFair Failure to Keep to Bonus Deals
All Future Bet Casinos No licenses, No Payouts, Not Paying Affiliates
 All Cyberrock Entertainment N.V. Casinos Poor Customer Support, Poor Payout Services
All Gambling Federation Casinos  Lack of Security, Poor Customer Service, Players cannot access accounts
Lock Casino Failure to Payout Players
Playtech Casinos Limiting on cash outs
Sorrilla Commercial Casinos Bad Advertising (Spamming and false advertising)
Revenue Jet Casinos Stalling with Payments
Top Game Casino Poor Customer Services, Stalling with Payments

Blacklisted Casino FAQs

What are Rogue Casinos?
A rogue online casino is just the same as a blacklisted casino. This means that it has performed some sort of misconduct.  Therefore, we recommend that players refrain from playing at the casino.
Are online casinos safe and secure?
Yes, they are. However you have to make sure you are signed up with a licensed casino. Because, this exposes the casinos to random audits from the regulatory body, hence they will make sure to practice safe, fair, and secure gambling.
Can online casinos rig the outcomes of their games?
No, they cannot. Mainly, this is because most online casinos come with a crypto-system which cannot be manipulated in any sort of way. The other reason is that they are prone to random visits from eCOGRA.
What Are Gambling Fallacies?
These are just misconceptions or untrue statements. For example, they are more like superstitions. However, it does not mean that they can work for everyone. You might actually lose more by doing a trick that made someone win.
How do I address unfair casino gaming?
There are a lot of options for you to chose from when you want to report a rogue casino. This includes; reporting to the licensing commission, going to your favorite online casino guide, using online casino communities. Other sources may help get the message of unfair gaming.
Is it possible to sue an online casino?

Yes, it is. There have been a lot of incidences where players take their casinos to court.

So, if you believe someone has deceived you in any manner and the casino falls under your jurisdiction, you can readily file a lawsuit against them.