Big Casinos Recording More Job Losses This Year

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Every casino around the world is trying to find a way that they can fight the COVID 19 after effects. Not only is the whole casino gaming concept dismantled, but the day to day operations have also changed which has led to big casinos recording major employment.

A lot of casinos are worldwide are starting to reopen for business. But, they have to operate under the guidelines of the different governing bodies of each state. However, the main problem is that the biggest casinos have started to cut down on workers which are leading to severe unemployment.

Why Big Casinos Are Letting Go of Workers

Brick and Mortar casinos have been closed for close to 3 months and are recently starting to reopen for business. But, they are recording major losses for the times they were closed and some of them are struggling to get their high rollers back on track.

Therefore, a lot of big casinos are having to let go of some of their workers to cut down on expenses. For example, The Stars Group and Crown Resorts had to let go of 11 000 workers in total. This was to ensure that they do not have to go bankrupt.

One of the big casinos in Australia, Crown Casino, is only working with 2100 workers. Meaning that the other 3 400 workers are not working. On the other hand, The Stars Group decided to let go of over 8000 workers.

In the US, the Las Vegas Casino Workers Union has confirmed that over 3000 casino workers will be left unemployed, even though there is a bit of hope that they will be called back.  The Las Vegas Casino Workers Union in the US has verified that more than 3000 casino employees will lose their jobs, although there’s a slight hope that they might receive callbacks. The ones hired are having their salaries and benefits cut down so as to make sure that they save more.

Measures Being Put In Place by Casinos

Most of the casino in Australia are having to implement different social distancing measure. This is to make sure that they do not leave their workers and the players vulnerable to the disease. Some of the measures put in place include:

  1. Use of sanitizers
  2. Following the distancing rules
  3. Use of gloves
  4. Testing of temperatures before entry
  5. Constant cleaning for Hygienic purposes


Big casinos worldwide are struggling to get back to where they were before. For example, the revenue for Macau casinos is still really low as compared to the billions that they made last year. And, some of the smallest casinos are struggling to even get back into business considering that the traffic is really low.


Do big casinos have holidays?
Yes, it does.  The casino typically closes on Christmas, Good Friday, and ANZAC Day, between 4 am and 12 noon. Other than that they are open every day of the week for 24 hours.
Can I get gift cards for accommodation at casino resorts worldwide?
Yes, you can. But, you will need to make sure that you make use of the gift card before it expires.
What is the dress code at the biggest casinos in Australia?
The rules dictate that players should appear intelligent and neat, refraining from wearing extravagant attire. These include bandanas, hats, caps and so many more.
What are high roller casinos?
High roller casinos are VIP casinos. Meaning, you will have to spend a large amount of money. In turn, you get exclusive mega real money deals.
Which is the biggest land casino in Australia?
Currently, the Star Group is dominating the casino market, followed by Crown Resorts.

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