Australian Floods Claim More Lives

Australian Floods Claim More Lives
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Australian Floods Claim More Lives
Australian Floods Claim More Lives

Australia’s most populated metropolitan, Sydney, has been drenched in rain for days. The death toll from flooding in the country’s east has risen to 17. Others have taken the chance to stay in and catch up on their online casino gaming.

The catastrophic weather system dropped more than a year’s worth of rain on southern Queensland and northern New South Wales (NSW).  All in over course of a week caused extensive devastation.

Hence, displacing thousands of people and destroying homes, livestock, and roadways.

More People Feared Dead As the Flooding Continues

Since the downpour began, 17 people have died. This includes a Queensland lady whose corpse was discovered on Saturday, as per police reports. A new weather system, according to the NSW Bureau of Meteorology (BOM), could bring more heavy rains to NSW. Additionally, the rains can affect Sydney, raising the risk of flooding.

“We are facing, unfortunately, a few more days of ongoing wet, stormy weather which will be quite dangerous for residents of NSW,” said BOM meteorologist, Jane Golding.

The Floods May Clear Up Soon

The Clarence River remained at a major flood level in New South Wales’ north, but Golding predicted that the severe weather would clear by Wednesday.

There was a clean-up in Brisbane, Queensland’s capital and neighbouring suburbs/ These were battered by massive storms last weekend that flooded thousands of homes. So, it continued throughout the weekend.

Help Being Organized for the Distressed Victims

Authorities said on Sunday that the recovery process would take months. Also, they are donating more than 2 million Australian dollars (roughly $1.5 million) to various charities.

“For an event that lasted just three days, it’s going to have a big impact on our economy and on our budget,” Queensland’s treasurer, Cameron Dick, said at a briefing.

A Call for Australian Politicians to Address The Global Heating Problem

The Climate Council has made a pre-election plea for all Australian political parties to admit that the climate crisis is fueling worsening calamities, such as the Queensland and New South Wales megafloods.

On Monday, the Australian Industry Group stated that Australia’s historic competitive edge in carbon-intensive energy had vanished and that the government needed to take a coordinated and efficient effort to reclaim its position in clean energy.


How many People Have Died in the Floods
So far, 17 people have been reported dead.
When Are the Floods Going to End?
According to the Met Department, the rains are expected to end starting Wednesday, 9 March.
Where to Get Help During Floods?
There are a lot of NGOs that are being funded to help accommodate those that have been affected.