Aluminium Ore Exports to Russia Banned

Aluminium Ore Exports to Russia Banned
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Aluminium Ore Exports to Russia Banned
Aluminium Ore Exports to Russia Banned

Online casino gaming is not the only thing that the Russians have to worry about. The country is facing a lot of shots and drops following the Ukraine aggression. A lot of countries worldwide have decided to impose sanctions on the power country, and Australia is not going to be excluded from the list.

Therefore, the Australian government has decided to ban all aluminium ore exports to Russia.

Australia Bans Aluminium Ore Exports To Russia

Australia has increased sanctions against Russia in response to the Ukraine conflict, prohibiting all shipments of alumina and bauxite in an effort to reduce Moscow’s capacity to make aluminium. The Australian government announced the export embargo on Sunday, stating that Russia counts on Australia for approximately 20% of its aluminium consumption and that the action will have an impact on Russian aluminium output.

“Russia Must Pay for Its Brutality,” Morrison

On the same day, Prime Minister Scott Morrison said that Australia will provide coal and more military equipment to Ukraine to help the heroic and courageous resistance as part of a fresh aid package that also includes $30 million in urgent relief aid.

“Russia must pay a very high price for its brutality. It must pay that price economically, it must pay the price … in diplomatic terms as well,” said Morrison.

The Sanctions on Aluminium Ore to Affect QAL

The restrictions will have an impact on Queensland Alumina Ltd (QAL), which has Rio Tinto as the major owner. Also, it is a joint venture with Russia’s Rusal International and is the world’s second-largest aluminium exporter. Sanctions imposed last week on two Russian businessmen, Viktor Vekselberg and Oleg Deripaska, had an impact on QAL. Deripaska’s firm controls 20% of the QAL, which is a key employee in Gladstone.

Rio Tinto’s spokesman stated that the company has officially confirmed that it was in the phase of aborting all business relations with just about any Russian company.

“Our priority remains the wellbeing of our people, our communities and the continued safe operation of our businesses, in full compliance with all governmental directions, including the Queensland Alumina Limited joint venture.”


Countries all over the world are imposing sanctions on Russia. While others do not want to provoke the powerful nation, Australia is not backing down from its beliefs. Australia has also increased its military assistance to Ukraine by $21 million, bringing total military funding to $91 million. Additional material from Australian Defense Force stocks will be included in the new assistance.


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