5 Most Used Online App Stores in Australia

5 Most Used Online App Stores in Australia
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5 Most Used Online App Stores in AustraliaIf you wanted to download an application or song from the web, you would go to an online store. These online applications let you purchase items directly through their websites. They often provide free shipping, discounts, and sales. The five most used online stores in Australia are described here, with details regarding app content ratios – real money paid apps and free apps.

Ranking Run-through

  1. Google Play Store

    The Google Play store is one of the largest app stores and has around 10 millions apps. It provides access to thousands of Android apps. You can download any Android application or game for free from this app store.

  2. iTunes App Store – Apple’s

    iTunes has over 20 million paid apps and over 1 billion songs. With the new iOS 11 update, all iPhones have the same design as iPads and use the same operating system. One of its many benefits is that it allows users to sync between devices so they don’t need to carry separate folders with their apps.

  3. Amazon Appstore

    Amazon offers tens of thousands of apps available for free. However, they do require payment after 30 days. The marketplace also offers an unlimited number of paid apps which includes subscription based services like Netflix, Spotify, HBO Go etc. Users can enjoy watching movies online free for 30 days and then pay monthly.

  4. Windows Store – Microsoft

    Windows 7 and 8 include pre-installed apps, but if users haven’t installed any preferred ones, they can directly download apps into the device through the Windows Store. Most apps are free to try out for a limited time before requiring payment. Some popular apps include Office Mobile, Skype, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and WhatsApp.

  5. BlackBerry World

    Blackberry launched the World app store in 2011, which gained prominence as an app store for Blackberry when other platforms became overly congested.  While not as big as other popular markets, it still contains thousands of high quality apps for Blackberry devices. Users can check out top apps like BBM Video Chat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, eBay, PayPal, Candy Crush Soda Saga and more.


In conclusion, all these app stores offer a wide range of features. These include price comparisons, user reviews, ratings, screenshots, videos, and much more. A few allow for peer-to-peer downloads while others limit them to certain countries. Many also support different mobile operating systems. What did we miss? Let us know!


How do I download the games to my phone?
You should be able to use your iTunes or Google Play account instead of a username and password if you have that information for the game. However,  you can also just enter your email address there too. Some games will need an additional code from the developer, which can usually be found somewhere on their website.
How much does it cost?
The price varies depending on many factors such as whether the game is free-to-play or not, how long you’ve been playing, what features are included in the subscription, etc. But generally speaking, anything less than $5 a month is probably something you shouldn’t pay for unless you really love the gameplay.
What other benefits come with using an app store?
Aside from the obvious ease of finding new apps, one thing that app stores offer above websites is the ability for developers to get more attention by being featured on the App Store itself. This means they could potentially reach thousands of users who may never end up visiting their official website if they don’t already know about them.
Are there any restrictions on the app stores in Australia?
All the app stores mentioned here work exactly like every other online shopping site. You’ll still need an Australian internet connection to log in (which is why we recommended VPNs earlier). All transactions occur over credit cards and you won’t need to provide any personal details apart from an email address.